Branch d'Olive Olive Bagged Shampoo & Conditioner


Our signature Olive fragrance has citrus top notes sitting on eucalyptus, olive, jasmine, rose and woody musk.

The shampoo (96% naturally derived) is enriched with Olive Leaf Extract, Inca Inchi oil, vitamin B5 and Glycerin is wonderfully complemented by our conditioner (97% naturally derived) which is enriched with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Inca Inchi oil and vitamin B5.  Both products exclude parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic colours and phthalates.

Enjoy the fragrance, the freshness and the feel of silky smooth hair.

1 x 250ml reformulated shampoo (96% naturally derived) paired with 1 x 250ml reformulated conditioner (97% naturally derived).  Bagged in voile with Branche d’Olive hanging tag.